HEE Photonic Labs

HEE Photonic Labs Ltd., Latvia

HEE Photonic Labs is a spin-off of the Institute of Astronomy, University of Latvia, to commercialize free space optical, satellite laser ranging and optical systems for high resolution surveillance applications.

Photonic Ltd leverages more than forty years of experience of its staff members. The team of company have designed and produced laser ranging instruments since 1970s, including 1 m aperture instrument (LS-105) installed in Metsähovi (Finland), Potsdam (Germany), Ukraine (4) and Riga (Latvia). Later company team designed and demonstrated a portable SLR (PSLR), which was successful tested and delivered to Curtain University (Perth) in Australia.

The company team has unique multidisciplinary practical expertise in optical design, laser technology, electronics, very precise mechanics, extremely precise event timing, signal processing hardware and software, database management, astronomy and astrometry.

During the last years the company had performed three long term scientific research projects:

  1. Project “Design of a telescope for satellite laser ranging”,
  2. “Optical receiver for free space communication system”,
  3. “Laser beam autotracking system for long distance free space communication application”.

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