Institute of Telecommunications, RTU

Institute of Telecommunications, Riga Technical University, Latvia

The main research directions of the Riga Technical university Institute of Telecommunications are connected with the interaction between charge carriers and electromagnetic field, materials, elements, schemes, equipment’s and devices, whose operation is based on this interaction and which are intended for electromagnetic energy, electric and other signal conversion, information accumulation, processing and transmission in two main directions:

  • Electric communications
  • Telecommunication networks.

The Institute possesses the following scientific laboratories:

  1. The laboratory of telecommunication systems and networks modelling;
  2. The laboratory of nonlinear fiber optics and high-speed optical fiber transmission systems.

The laboratory of nonlinear fiber optics and high-speed fiber optic transmission systems conducts research in the following main directions:

  • The development of high reliability subsystems and component’s for optical signal processing, optical filtering, modulation format conversion for high-speed (R>10 Gbit/s) wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) systems;
  • The development of methodology for nonlinear optical effects assessment and analysis for WDM communication system;
  • spectral and energy efficiency on WDM networks optical layer;
  • The implementation of new FTTH (Fibre to the Home) in the next generation PON’s (Passive Optical Networks) and AON’s (Active Optical Networks).

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