Light Guide Optics International Ltd (formerly Z-Light), Latvia

Although Z-Light Ltd. is a new company, established in 2004, its specialists have more than 25 years experience in development and production of fibers, fiber bundles, cables and laser delivery systems for scientific, industrial and medical applications.

Z-Light Ltd. offers a full range of silica multimode optical fibers with excellent transmission in UV, VIS and IR region.

The company has accumulated experience, know-how and employs highly motivated, team-playing staff. Product development, production and deliveries are managed in accordance with the standard ISO 9001:2000.  Ability for production starting from small quantities to serial production, custom solution implementation and competitive pricing make Z-Light Ltd. a leader in fiber optics. Our most important resource for meeting this standard is our staff. Their wealth of ideas and experience allows us to continuously increase our quality level.

Z-Light Ltd. has very close relations with the company Light Guide Optics Germany GmbH who act as sales and marketing office for Z-Light Ltd.