ALTECHNA Co. Ltd., Lithuania

Altechna is a producer of lasers and microfabrication systems, also known as a supplier of laser optics and crystals, since 1996 working in photonics and laser research.

Altechna offer production and development solutions for science and industry:

  • Laser related components;
  • Laser microfabrication applications;
  • Design of optomechanical assemblies;
  • DPSS and OPS laser sources;
  • Sensors (fiber sensors, SERS substrates and systems).

Workshop of Photonics® (WOP) at Altechna designs and develops instruments for laser micromachining with main applications in sapphire processing, optical fiber microstructuring, 3D direct laser writing in polymers, SERS substrate production and solar cell laser processing. WOP design and produce miniature laser electronics as well as laser sources tailored for medical and portable applications.

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