EKSMA Optics





EKSMA Optics, UAB, Lithuania

EKSMA Optics is a manufacturer and global supplier of precision laser components used in high-power lasers, laser systems, and other photonic instruments.

The Company provides custom optical and crystal components made under the customer’s drawings and specifications, but also offers a wide range of standard catalog products for fast-off-the-shelf delivery.

EKSMA Optics owns cleanroom facilities for optical systems and electro-optical components assembling, the dielectric coatings manufacturing capabilities based on advanced Ion Beam Sputtering technology, the polishing department of nonlinear crystals, the department for glass processing – cutting, grinding and polishing, and department for manufacturing of precision spherical and aspherical lenses.

The Company serves other companies, scientific and R&D institutions, Universities, that are active in the industry, science, medical, aesthetic, life-science, aero-space, and defense markets.


  • Laser optics including laser mirrors, windows, lenses, beamsplitters, prisms, polarizing optics, filters
  • Precision grade spherical and aspherical lenses made of Fused Silica or different optical glasses
  • Laser media & nonlinear crystals for UV, VIS, IR, and THz ranges
  • Ovens and heaters for nonlinear crystals
  • BBO, KTP, and DKDP Pockels cells and their high voltage drivers with high voltage power supplies
  • Ultrafast laser pulse picking systems based on electro-optics
  • Optical systems – beam expanders, F-theta lenses, motorized focusing objectives
  • Timing generators and synchronization modules for laser components and laser systems
  • High current drivers for high power laser diodes, bars, and stacks
  • Opto-mechanical mounts, motorized stages, and optical tables

With more than 30 years of experience delivering photonics components dedicated to high power lasers, EKSMA Optics is your partner for enabling photonics innovations, offering fast delivery components tailored to customer applications.

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