Hamamatsu Nordic branch joins BPC

The Nordic branch of Hamamatsu Photonics has joined the Baltic Photonics Cluster as the 24th member. Although based in Kista, Sweden, the company Hamamatsu Photonics Norden AB is active in the Baltic States (in addition to Nordic countries, Russia and CIS) and is the first non-Baltic member to join the cluster. BPC welcomes its newest member Hamamatsu Photonics!!!

Eventech workshop 4-5 July

BPC member Eventech has invites interested parties to join their workshop.

Eventech is organising Workshop in order to find possible joint project opportunities together with world class experts on 4-5 of July.
This workshop will cover such topics as: LiDARS, Gyroscopes, CubeSats, Fibers links for Optical Time Transfer, Satellite Constellation Time Transfer and synchronization, as well as instrumentation for: Gravity, Interferometry, Quantum communication.
It is organized prior to the last Latvian ESA PECS call in order to provide information about industry, technological tendencies and possibility to have join project with Eventech.
The following experts will be responsible for each topic:
1) LIDARS– Prof. David Rees 
2) Gyroscope – Prof.  Caterina Ciminelli
3) Fibers links for Optical Time Transfer – Mr. E. Murphy
4) Satellite Constellations, Time Transfer and synchronization – Mr. D. Mignolo (ESA)
5) Instrumentation for: Gravity, Interferometry, Quantum comm. – Mr. B. Leone (ESA)
Additionally, we have Ex-ESA head of Optics department who will lead the event.

We highly suggest to all Universities, Research Institutions, SME’s which are working in these or cross-correlating fields to participate, also there will be a chance to make presentation in order to show your achievements and capabilities.

Express your interest till 07.06.2019 by contacting Pavels Razmajevs.

Ceram Optec SIA, fibre optics manufacturer, joins BPC

Baltic Photonics Cluster has been joined by another Latvian high technology photonics company Ceram Optec SIA. The company resides in Livani and their main area of activity is manufacture of various fibre optics. Among other things, their competence allows for creating specific unconventional (rectangular, hexagonal, etc) core shapes and also UV-solarization resistant fibres.